Cade Maddox, Spencer Daley and
July 26, 2023 | Full Length Video : 21min 9sec

It's brunette-on-blonde muscle fucking action at JockBreeders! In their private suite, blonde power-bottom Spencer Daley sucks Cade Maddox's cock eagerly, letting his top know that this is just an appetizer—Spencer’s hole is the main course!

Once the course is served, Cade is quick to dive face-first into the blonde’s ass and slobber all over his pucker before sliding into the spit-lubed opening.

Cade wants this ...[Read more]

Cade wants this to last as long as he can—eventually, he has Spencer climb off of him and lay on his back. He needs his bottom to cum for him before Cade pumps another load into Spencer’s guts!

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