December 28, 2022 | Full Length Video : 35min 51sec

Confidence becomes cockiness when star athlete Nick challenges his coach, Jax, to a wrestling match. Coach Jax accepts and the two men are soon locked in sweaty grappling. The older, stronger, and more experienced Jax gains control. He’s an well-seasoned wrestler and his moves are just too advanced for the young athlete, no matter how talented he is.

But Nick’s not prepared to be submissive for the whole encounter and soon has his tongue very firmly inside Jax’ sweet hole! Nick tops Coach Jax hard, his balls slapping against the older man’s beautiful butt cheeks.

Coach Jax throws ...[Read more]

Coach Jax throws Nick onto his stomach and eats the jock boy out. They swap positions again with Nick riding his coach’s massive dick. The star athlete can’t hold it in any longer; his rigid pole explodes all over the coach’s washboard stomach!

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