Aiden Kennedy and Blake Elliott
September 21, 2022 | Full Length Video : 13min 47sec

Blake knew the instant he laid eyes on Aiden that he wanted to get naked with the very fuckable boy with the ultra sexy faux-hawk fade. Aiden certainly wasn’t one to turn down the exceptionally cute dude, built like a mini Greco-Roman sculpture. Once they arrived at Blake's apartment, the clothes came right off! And Blake suggested they really get freaky and turn on the webcam.

Aiden was game for anything. He was so hard and horny, all he could think about was putting his hands and lips all over Blake’s fit and trim body. Hot and juicy, the boys’ tongues probed deeply into one another’s mouths. Blake can only gasp with delight when his alluring playmate begins to kiss and nibble on his nipples.

The scorching hot ...[Read more]

The scorching hot boys of Houston can’t keep their hands off of one another’s stiff boy rods. As the kissing and touching continue, the mutual stroke jobs quickly transition to another erotic game.

Aiden engulfs Blake’s hard-on into his eager mouth. Blake shows his appreciation by returning the favor! However, Blake wants to get Aiden ultra hard and wet as he is anxious to get the studly boy inside of him.

Aiden is ready to fuck his sweet lover’s beautiful ass and wastes no time getting the boy into position. From behind, Aiden slowly but steadily penetrates Blake’s exceedingly tight ass until his cock fills the boy to the hilt. Blake takes Aiden’s cock like a champ and very soon is pushing his bubble butt back as Aiden’s cock sinks even deeper inside. Both boys can only sigh and moan with libidinous desire!

Suddenly, Aiden pulls out and flips his delectable boy treat onto his back. He places Blake’s smooth as silk legs over his hunky shoulders and begins to really lay into the boy! As Blake opens his mouth to cry out with excitement, Aiden takes the opportunity to bury his tongue deep inside of his lover’s delicious mouth.

The sex begins to get more heated and intense with each passing moment. It’s now Blake’s turn to be on top! He expertly straddles Aiden’s huge, throbbing phallus and sinks slowly down until he can feel the hunky stud’s pubes touch his ass. Blake is beyond turned on and frantically rides Aiden’s cock, knowing that it won’t be long until his boy cannon is ready to explode!

Aiden can feel his own powerful orgasm start to rapidly build in his aching balls. He can’t help but push Blake onto his back and cum like a volcano all over the beautiful boy’s perfect body! Blake is delighted by the mess and proudly shows the camera his semen coated chest!

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