Cash Lockhart, Ian Levine, Joey D, Johnny V, Joshua James, Ty Thomas and
October 12, 2016 | Full Length Video : 28min 59sec

The final installment of our 4th of July Celebration features our good friends Joey D and Johnny V from American Muscle Hunks as well as Jason Sparks Road Trip models Ty Thomas, Cash Lockhart, Ian Levine and Joshua James. The guys are playing Cards Against Humanity in their hotel room - their muscled bodies making this an incredible sight. Someone mentions bukkake and the real game commences. There is cocks in every mouth as the group provide the All American Muscle Buffet you wish you were invited to. They split into a couple of threesome - Ty and Cash barebacking Ian while Joshua is the meat in between a Joey and Johnny sandwich. The two bottoms end up covered in everyone's cum - it's the best fireworks display you'll ever see this weekend! And Happy 4th of July from all of us at Jason Sparks Live and from American Muscle Hunks!

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