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Mason Dean and Jeremy George
June 23, 2021 | Full Length Video : 32min 15sec

Jason was thrilled to bring Mason Dean on camera! Not only was the Atlanta native no stranger to being on camera, but he had incredible chemistry with the adorable Jeremy George. Mason’s massive cock could barely be contained in his tight jockstrap, becoming even more prominent and bulging as the two began kissing. Mason loves a passionate, hungry bottom, and Jeremy was more than happy to deliver.

While Mason caressed Jeremy’s beautiful, tanned body, the furry chested bottom couldn’t keep his hands off Mason’s smooth muscles and throbbing cock. With his perfect ass pouring out of his underwear, Jeremy’s mouth watered not only for more tongue, but Mason’s hard member as well.

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As soon as Mason pulled off his jock, Jeremy went to work on his shaft, swallowing it down and feeling the veiny, uncut meat slide between his lips. Jeremy’s round ass was high in the air as he slobbered on his top’s cock, reminding him during his blowjob of the hot fuck he was about to have. Jeremy could feel Mason’s desire swell up in his mouth, encouraged by the blonde model’s deep moans.

Before Mason could enjoy Jeremy’s ass, he needed to get a taste of his hard tool as well. Despite his preference for topping, Mason is a skilled cocksucker who knew exactly how to drive Jeremy wild. Jeremy’s eyes rolled back in his head from pleasure every time Mason went balls deep on his shaft, getting him even hornier to be pounded and filled.

Mason put Jeremy on his back, lifting his legs up to get a close view of his supple ass. The round, soft mounds practically begged to be licked. Mason dove in head first, kissing and licking his sphincter while cradling his ass meat in each hand. The smile on Jeremy’s face is truly a thing of beauty. With each lap, Jeremy became even more desperate to be bred, something Mason happy to give his sensual partner.

Getting on all fours, Jeremy arched his back and presented his hole to Mason, anxiously waiting to feel it split apart and engulf his massive shaft. Inch by inch, Jeremy could feel Mason penetrate, pushing past his prostate and filling him up with his manhood. Jeremy was in absolute bareback bliss as Mason gripped onto his shoulders and began thrusting harder and deeper. And seeing Jeremy’s response only made Mason get even more eager to pump out his hot jock load all inside his hole!

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