Brogan Reed, Joshua James, Logan Cage and
February 02, 2022 | Full Length Video : 19min 1sec

It would be difficult to imagine a sexier sight than Logan Cage and Brogan Reed, with their shirts off in a park, doing push ups and sit ups while flexing their beautiful muscles. It’s not surprising that this power couple draws the attention of geeky, strawberry-blond, Joshua James, who wants to know how he can get a body like theirs. And when they invite him back to their house to find out, it soon becomes clear he’s gonna need to work pretty hard to get what he wants!

The three guys strip naked and jump onto the bed. Logan and Brogan instantly start to kiss while Joshua gets his slutty mouth wrapped around their rigid dicks. The chemistry between Logan and Brogan is intense.

Brogan squats down ...[Read more]

Brogan squats down to suck Joshua’s dick which gives horny boy Logan a chance to get his probing tongue deep into his boyfriend’s hungry crack. Brogan’s ass is muscular and meaty; there’s not a man in the world who wouldn’t want to get inside it…

Brogan may have the perfect ass, but his equally-perfect, 8-inch pole is in greater need of attention right now. Within minutes he’s pushed Joshua down onto the bed and has rammed his meat right up inside the blond boy’s quivering little ass. Brogan bangs Joshua with brutal force while the bottom boy keenly attempts to suck the cum out Logan’s incredible dick. Joshua is being well-and-truly used… and he loves it.

They throw Joshua onto his back, so that Logan can have a go on him. Sexy Logan grits his teeth and pounds the boy real hard, complimenting him on his tight ass. The boyfriends exchange sneaky, pervy smiles. This panting, moaning bottom boy is one great fuck!

A long round of ruthless ramming from both ends soon leaves all of them ready to blow, but Logan is the one who explodes, hard and deep inside Joshua, lining his guts with gallons of watery cum which immediately starts to gush uncontrollably out of his well-used hole.

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