Jeremy George and Kane Creek
March 30, 2022 | Full Length Video : 29min 54sec

It’s back to Atlanta this week to check in on fan favorite, Jeremy George, who’s been paired up with newcomer, Kane Creek.

Jeremy’s one hell of a sexy dude. Don’t let the cute glasses on this olive-skinned otter fool you; he’s a lusty firecracker in bed. Blue-eyed, pale-skinned, twink-boy Kane looks about as innocent as they come, but there’s a twinkle in his eye which suggests he’s going to make the most of his adult film debut.

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The two guys get down to it pretty quickly; kissing deeply, bodies intertwined. Kane’s hugely impressive dick is rigid in seconds. Jeremy grabs it and gives it a gentle tug. The chemistry between them is off the charts.

Jeremy falls to his knees and wraps his soft lips around Kane’s fleshy pole, sucking him seductively. The first-timer throws his head back as ripples of unadulterated pleasure cascade through his smooth body.

Kane pushes Jeremy onto the bed and returns the gesture, ensuring the bespectacled otter’s perfect dick is rock hard and ready for riding. By the time Kane’s done sucking, Jeremy’s desperate to move things to the next level…

Jeremy pushes Kane onto his back and allows his wet tongue to sensuously explore every inch of the younger man’s crack. Kane gasps and shivers expectantly, willing Jeremy to plunge his meat deep inside him…

…And soon enough, Jeremy obliges, turning Kane onto his front and sinking his thick dick into the boy’s tight hole like a hot knife cutting into butter. Within seconds, Jeremy is thrusting with speed and force, getting his entire body weight behind each powerful stroke and giving Kane the ride of his young life.

You get a lot of bang for your buck in this film, with Jeremy exploring a number of sexual positions and varying the pace and intensity of his moves to keep the panting, blue-eyed boy on his toes. Kane can’t quite believe the pounding he’s getting. He doesn’t want it to stop.

But all good things must come to an end. Jeremy’s thrusts suddenly become frenzied and, moments later, he’s roaring like a lion as a volcano of his semen erupts deep inside Kane’s belly.

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