May 03, 2024 | Full Length Video : 32min 20sec

Word had spread quickly. Fit and utterly insatiable cumdump Dylan Tides’ previous gangbang party had been quite the raunchy riot. Dylan’s frequent fuck-buddies Eddie Patrick and Adam Snow were already helping to set up their cum-soaked comrade’s next group romp!

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The day arrived and the assortment of sexy dudes surrounding Dylan already had the smooth hunk moaning. He couldn’t help but grin at the thought of all the fresh, hot loads he was about to take. Cutie Latin stud Milo stood right in front, jaw hanging open, eyes bright and eager for his turn.

A beefy fellow named Vincent stood hulking on the opposite end, his huge, muscular frame and gigantic cock bobbing in rhythm to the absolute ass pounding that fellow fuck mates Nick and Angel gave Dylan’s perfect, round bubble butt.

And Grant couldn’t help but utter a hearty, delighted laugh as each massive load delivered inside of Dylan’s tight ass would inevitably be blasted out like a cannon each time a spent, ten-inch cock popped out of the hole!

Director:Jason Sparks
Producer:Jason Sparks
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