February 15, 2023 | Full Length Video : 26min 39sec

When the mood arises, cute twink Levy Foxx isn’t shy about showing off his trim body to those passing by. He’s always interested in a sexy hookup, because, frankly, he’s unbearably horny! He needs to be fucked as soon as possible—lucky for him, sculpted stud Dalton Riley just so happens to find Levy extremely cute… and definitely fuckable.

Mere moments later, they’re naked and all over each other. Dalton passionately fucks Levy’s brains out; the ass-pounding that Levy gets leaves him loopy in the back alley. Before he’s done with his twink, Dalton makes sure to paint a huge, creamy load all over the panting boy’s face! Neither hottie—nor you—will forget this facial any time soon!

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